Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This update is for you - Part I

Let's begin at the beginning. My "About Me" is no longer quite true. I'm still E, but now I'm newly 30. I still live in Virginia and don't see a move in the near future. I do still love the color grey. I'm still underemployed, perhaps just a little less so. And my hours are now 9 to 5. September 2011 has come and gone. After a beautiful wedding, I'm now a wife to one and stepmom to two. Wife is beautiful, wonderful ,meant to be. Step mom is more complex, but has it’s own moments of beauty.

What else is new in this ruffled life? I haven’t realized my hopes, but there’s no reason I can’t keep trying. There’s no time limit on hope. I still have no limits for this blog, it will be what it will be. Hopefully it (and I) will be more active!
My 29th year ended, without much fanfare.  I was too busy changing jobs! Leaving my old job (after giving only 8 days notice) felt sudden, hurried, and raw, even though it was something I daydreamed about for over a year! I was finally brave about pursuing a new career and followed through on job search plans. I left the comfort of my old office “family” two weeks shy of my big day. Grand 30th birthday plans weren’t really made, although my husband makes every birthday special for me. Life has been a little crazy since then, adjusting to my new role. I will be the first to admit, and I know I already have once on this blog, that I do not handle stress or change very well!
My 29th year has passed, but I can still continue on in the spirit that started this journey. I may be 30 now, but I’m still growing and changing. I’m still learning to be gentle with myself, to relax and to ride out life's ebbs and flows.
Am I still the only one?  I’d still love to sip wine or coffee with anyone even just a little like me. Virtual drinks count.  Kindred spirit – I’m always searching for you.
Aha! Major changes on the Financial Goals page! My, how marriage changes things. Compromise is the key here. It’s no longer “my money.” We are a team and I’m no longer the number one decision maker in control, and boy do I love being in control. A few of these original goals can definitely be stricken from this list. First, I am financially independent from my parents. It’s grown-up time. I cut myself off, simple as that. I am eternally grateful for the years of help and support offered by my parents, always will be. For now, I stand on my own two feet, and lean on my husband when needed. Second, I changed my job and increased my income (just a little). We still have debt, progress is slow there. Our emergency fund is not where I would like it to be. We are no where near ready or able to buy a new car. Lastly, I’m not actively reading up on money, but I do feel I am constantly learning more in this area.
To be continued ...


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