Saturday, June 9, 2012

Exhaustion & Expectations

Yesterday I survived one of my first big challenges at work. We had a huge event on campus (orientation for new students – the first of four this summer) and I was at work all day beginning at 6:30 AM. My feet, legs, knees, even hips, were so sore from running around non-stop! By the end of the day I was limping. I’m still a little sore today and will confess to having taken two naps so far in my recovery attempt.
Overall the event went really well. Orientation is a great example of how much I have learned in an extremely short period of time at my new job. I’m gaining experience with many valuable skills that I didn’t use in my previous job such as completing payroll, supervising employees, placing orders for supplies and custom products, and public speaking. My role in orientation involved creating an application and advertising for a student volunteer position. I then interviewed, selected, and trained my team of students, and supervised them on the day of the event.  
I’m proud of my team, and look forward to the next three sessions. I had been told more than once that I can’t hold my student volunteers to high expectations because they are not being paid. I disagree and I’m glad I held my ground.  I did set some standards for my group to meet. For the most part they met or exceeded my expectations. The dress code is a great example – I outlined a detailed list of expectations (no shorts above the knee, no hats, etc.) and explained the reasons why I believed it was important for to look their best. Every single student showed up dressed according to code and looking great. I also expected my volunteers to arrive on campus pretty early (7 AM) and again they did not disappoint. I believe you can set the bar high. I will continue to do so, and I think the position that these student volunteers fulfill will become more respected, coveted, prestigious, and efficient because of it.
Now I think it’s time for more ibuprofen and my third nap …

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