Friday, June 29, 2012

Nice timing universe!

After feeling proud and hopeful yesterday about our current debt payoff plan I made the mistake of checking the mail. Two envelopes from the California State Tax Board. And my heart sinks.

The state tax debt I have previously discussed is for Virginia, so this is an additional debt to add to our list. We knew California would need to be dealt with eventually, but hoped it would be on our own time. You cannot hide from the government and the debt is owed. My husband will need to contact them and work out a payment plan. Hopefully the monthly payment amount won't be too high so we can still reach some other goals.

Add $4,333.67 to our total. I thought we would be 100% done with our debt in less than three years, probably not anymore. Trying my hardest not to let this make me feel defeated. The timing was almost laughable. I was literally on the phone with my husband discussing our plans for the loan and how excited we will be to be debt free soon when I put my hands on the mail.

Real funny universe! I don't appreciate your timing at all.


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